classy&fabulous (xo_glamourgirl) wrote in stick_shift,

Hello everyone. :] I've joined this community in search of some advice, so hopefully someone can help. I have a 95 honda civic and it's a bit beat up, so I want to get another one between the years 2001 and 2005 (aiming for 2005).

I know Honda's are already on the cheap end, but would anyone happen to know how over-priced dealers make the car as compared to what they actually pay? I've searched online and see that for a 2005 ex coupe, manual (my goal is to learn how to drive stick shift this summer, I'm excited!), the price averages to about $15,000. My boss has connections & can get me a car for the best deal, but I'm wondering if my expecatations are too high. I'm assuming that I'll pay the price that the dealers pay. Or if he gets me my car through an auction -- what price range am I looking at? I told him that he has to work with $2500. Is that wishful thinking?

I'm not sure if this information matters, but just in case -- the color(s) that I'm looking at are grey, beige, and silver.

Thanks everyone!
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