The Outlawed Pariah (outlaw4824) wrote in stick_shift,
The Outlawed Pariah

A Hurra-Wha Came Through?

I don't know if I ever told this community what happened to my car, lol.
Well, let's start from the beginning...with pictures!

Okay, this was my car, the loverly Matrix with it's dent on the right side rear door pre-Katrina:

This my car after the hurra-wha:

after we pulled it and the other car out of everything:

So yeah, those car sat in water for a good week and were completely unsalvagable (as were all of the cars in the parish...some cars were on top of houses, lol).

My brother's in college in Waco, so his car's fine. My dad bought a Mazda 3 5-door hatchback...automatic. Which I drove around, but I did miss my manny.

But then, surprise! My brother decided to be nice (and I think he feels sorry for me cause it is my senior year of high school which was essentially screwed...and we lost our house and I'm livin down here in New Orleans with my aunt to finish said high school while my folks moved to dallas...that too) and he let me take his car while he took the Mazda! And this is his wonderful little car...manny tran and everything:

I must say, the shifting is a hella lot better than the matrix, lol. But I do dearly miss my car and would trade it all back just to have that little beat up Matrix back.
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