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Standard Transmissions

Ain't nothing like a stick...

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Here is Livejournal's first community deicated to cars with standard transmissions and the people who love and care for them.

This community was birthed and is cared for by: angel_isabel
The resident co-conspirators are: sorika_kat and entranced_shift

There are only 3 rules to join:
1. You must own/drive a standard vehicle or
2. Know how to drive and enjoy driving a standard vehicle or
3. Have an immense respect for standard vehicles.

Preferably in that order.

There are 3 rules to posting as well:
1. New member's first posts must be about their manual vehicle or their experiences with one. If you have never driven one, write about how you feel about cars with standard transmissions.
2. All posts must have to do with standard transmissions or they will be deleted by me.
3. All posts must be kind and courteous to other users or they will be deleted by me, and the user removed from the community.

Other than that, anything goes. Feel free to post pictures, info, quizzes, stories, and anything else stick related.