The Outlawed Pariah (outlaw4824) wrote in stick_shift,
The Outlawed Pariah

It's been awhile since I posted in here. Currently, I'm driving an automatic Mazda3 Hatchback. It's fun...but I'm missin stick shift like crazy. I moved to Auburn Alabama for college and the roads are hilly, curvy, and nice :) Only wish I had a stick shift to have even more fun on these hills. I'm probably transferring and moving back to New Orleans next semester and hopefully by then I'll have a stick shift car. My parents and my sister in Dallas are currently all riding in an SUV which is eatin up gas, so they want to take the Mazda and get me a new car.

So far my dad mentioned to me that they're thinking of gettin either a 4 door Mazda or a MINI cooper (manny transmission, of course ;) )
Has anyone driven either of these cars and can tell me what you think of them?
The mazda now, although automatic, is a nice and smooth, so I know somewhat what to expect from a manny, but I've never been anywhere near a Mini.

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