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Hello -
I've noticed that in many of the LJ communities... there aren't many people who post resently. Or maybe it just has to do with my interests? I don't know, but anyway...

Hi, my names Snapper or Snap, I drive a 4 on the floor '89 dodge dakota, and have driven it for the last 2 years. I prefer driving the manuals over the auto's, but... you know. *shrugs* Not much to be done when you don't have a choice. :-P

I have been driving a straight truck off and on since I was 12 (my dad is a trucker) and currently the one I drive is a '94 international, 6 on the floor (yeah like anybody would be stupid enough to put a semi tranny shift into the steering column. Ha! :-P I don't think theres anybody that dumb... ) and honestly, I love driving that almost more then I like driving my pickup! Haha :-P Eh... I dunno... what else... *shrugs*

Currently I'm going for EMT-B, but I would like to take some basic mechanic's classes just for the fun of it.

I figure that when somebody joins a community that they should introduce themselves... so... :-) thats what this is.
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